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The perfect balance of vitamins and electrolytes to boost energy and aid in restoring baseline wellness

$125 (1/2 Liter) / $250 (Full Liter)

+ High Vit C Boost
+ Restores Hydration
+ Myers Blend of B’s, Mag, Calcium
+ Detox Vital Organs
+ Gluthione Relieves Pain & Inflammation
+ Boost Immunity
+ Increase Energy Levels
+ Maintain Baseline Wellness



$175 (1/2 Liter) / $350 (Full Liter)

Provides all vitamins and minerals essential to sport enhancement including gluthione and amino acids which are natural anti-inflammatories necessary for those who require fast muscle recovery and replenishment to achieve peak performance levels.

+ Peak Athletic Performance
+ Myers Naturopathic Blend Restores Vitamins/Minerals
+ Removes Lactic Acid build up
+ B Complex Boosts Immune System
+ Amino Acids for Muscle Repair
+ Mag and Zinc for Muscle Recovery
+ Gluthione Relieves Pain & Inflammation



Brightens, lightens and evens out skin tones by reducing pigmentation for a natural GLOW from the inside out! Gluthione and Biotin are the essential ingredients!

$175 (1/2 Liter)/ $325 (Full Liter)

+ Anti-Aging, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-inflammatory
+ Myers Blend Restores Skin Hydration
+ B Complex for Immunity
+ Evens Out Skin Tones
+ Vit C Brightens & Lightens
+ Glutathione Reduces Pigmentation
+ Biotin; Strengthens Skin, Hair & Nails



Lactated Ringers infusion with electrolytes to combat dehydration and restore water balance as well as vital pressures internally for optimal well being. Contains vital minerals including sodium, potassium and calcium.

$125 Full Liter Lactated Ringers (includes electrolytes)

+ Corrects Dehydration
+ Enhance Energy Levels
+ Decreases Inflammation
+ Restores Electrolyte Balance
+ Maintains Blood Pressure



Perfect for mind and body: reduce stress, bring back health, energy and balance after travel, extreme training or winter blues.

$150 (1/2Liter)/ $300 (Full Liter)

+ Restores Hydration
+ Decreases Body Aches
+ Improves Headaches
+ Antioxidative
+ Immune Boosting Vitamin C
+ Relieves Cold & Flu Symptoms
+ Decreases Nausea/Vomiting
+ Protection From Cold/Flu



Reduces chronic inflammation and offers relief for muscle and joint pain by restoring lost vitamins and minerals. Combats fatigue, improves circulation and reduces stress and anxiety.

$150 (1/2Liter) / $300(Full Liter)

+ ABCD: Always Be Closing Detox
+ Cleanses Vital Organs
+ Reduces Stress & Fatigue
+ Myers Restores Electrolyte Balance
+ B Complex Increase Vitality & Mood
+ Reduce Anxiety
+ Gluthione Relieves Pain and Inflammation



Time is money; don’t waste time being hung! Get immediate relief associated with dehydration such as headaches, gastrointestinal upset, reflux, nausea and aches.

$150 (1/2 Liter)/ $250 (Full Liter)

+ Quintessential Hangover Relief
+ Corrects Dehydration from ETOH
+ Flushes Toxins
+ Myers Blend with essential Electrolytes

Choose 1 of the following:

+ Zofran decreases Nausea
+ Torodol decreases Pain
+ Pepcid decreases GI Upset


VitaC+ Essential

Best way to protect your immunity by receiving safe and effective high doses of Vita C directly into your bloodstream.

$250 25 Grams Vit C/$350 50 Grams Vit C/$385 Preservitive-Free 50 Grams Vit C

+ Powerful Antioxidant
+ Boosts Immune System
+ Supports Heart Health
+ Collagen Synthesis and Anti-Aging
+ Repairs Skin Damage/Lightens/Brightens



The perfect balance of vitamins and electrolytes to boost energy and aid in restoring baseline wellness. Pre-book prior to travel or contact us the day you land for quick recovery.

$150 (1/2 Liter)/ $300 (Full Liter)

+ Reduse Jet Lag before and after air travel
+ Myers Blend Restores Hydration
+ Proper hydration with Gluthione reduces Inflammation
+ Magnesium helps with Insomnia
+ Vita C+ Boost Immunity
+ B Complex Increase Vitality


Specialize your drip. Go a la carte!

$50 | Toradol
$50| Zofran
$50 | Pepcid
$25 | Vitamin C
$25 | B Complex
$50-$100 | Vitamin D3
$50 | Amino Acids
$25 | Mag or Zinc
$75-$150| Glutathione

$30 | B12 Shots/ Methylated B12 $50

$40 B12+Amino Acids (MIC COMBO)